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OVER 1500 EXAMPLES!!  The Complete Loop Library consists of phrases that you can “fly in” whenever you need them. Over 1500 classic pedal steel sounds and styles that will fill your “one shot” pedal steel need!. Cut them up..add them together..create fills, endings or whatever youi need. Recorded in 2 different keys to allow you to keep the phrases integrety when you need to transpose. The tempos vary..but in our testing sounded “real nice” in most temo transpositions. Included sounds..

Honky Tonk.. key of G and C

Ballad.. key of G and C

Hamonics and Chimes..key of G and C

Texas Swing..key of G and C

Hawiian sounds…classic!

Cliches’s..an assortment..key of G and C

and soooo much more!

The Pedal Steel Loops Library Will give the flexibility to “FLY IN” the Steel guitar sound that you need to give your project that “Country Credential”. We have included over 400 sounds that can be applied to your project. These “One Shots” include chimes, hawaiian fills, texas swing, ballad fills, chord movements ie 1-4 1-6m, 5-1, 4-5-1, you get the idea! Just add reverb. Works awesome ACID LOOPS and works great with PROTOOLS or any sound editor and sequencer. Just $49.95