About Steel Loops

Kevin Ryan has produced 3 pedal steel loop libraries, one for Sony, The Nashville Wire. The Nashville wire is a great product Kevin did for SonyCreative and thousands have been sold. It has been available on dozens of websites and is reasonably priced. A must for any amateur or professional studio.

The other steel guitar loops package from Kevin is called  “The Complete Collection of Pedal Steel Guitar” .   That product was available at steelloops.com. It is was a 3 gig dvd loaded with every type of steel phrase you may need to add that country credential to your recordings. It contained western swing, honkytonk, ballad endings and fill, chimes and so much more and another available on the net.

Lastly, we condensed the packages here at Steelloops.com, we are offering 1500 downloadable phrases, in many styles and keys for only $49.95… Screaming Deal!

Kevin is also a veteran musician with countless studio and stage hours logged. In the 80’s, Kevin recorded 100’s of titles for karaoke of Japan. He would copy the key phrases from records and reproduce them in the studio for the sing along tracks associated with karaoke. We’re sure you have heard some of those tracks before. 

Kevin also produced an instructional guitar video called “Steelin from the Steel”. A very popular video production because of it’s unusual approach to teaching the art of Pedal Steel on the guitar.

He and Nashville guitarist, Mike Sherman deliver a wonderful instructional package that allows the guitar player to hear the pedal steel guitar phrase first on the steel guitar and the learn it from Mike on the guitar. They take you through simple to complex steel guitarisms, from licks to stand alone intros. Really a must have for any aspiring country guitar players.

Kevin has been involved with video and DVD production for a number of years. In 2003-2004, Kevin helped produce, edit and shoot two video pedals steel guitar instructional videos featuring the great JayDee Manees. These videos are one hour and two hour insightful looks at the steel guitar technique and style of truly one of the masters and pioneers of the instrument. Titled Get Inside and Further Inside, a real serious look at the west coast stlyings of a steel guitar player that has thousands of television, movie and album recording credits to his name. These videos are available from JayDee himself and can be purchased from his webstore.

Along with Kevin’s musical duties, for the past 15 years he has been involved with marketing and developing internet based interests that have included many aspects of multi media design and programming. He is currently part of the The Goodrich Sound Company rebuilding that fine Legacy of products. Too purchase, click here